About Kelly

Kelly C. Sturmthal, Esq.
20+yrs Business & Estate Planning Attorney Consultant to Entrepreneurs

Kelly C. Sturmthal, Esq.

As a driven, altruistic professional, I have been fortunate to own several businesses that allow me to positively impact clients, attorneys & business owners. With 20+ years in the legal industry, I also have experience in finance, banking, real estate, business strategy, entrepreneurial ideas to income, estate planning, probate and family business ownership. Advising others as they BUILD Their LEGACY is a passion of mine. 

As a Consultant to Entrepreneurs, I have co-authored Law Office On A Laptop and Dear Real estate Agent, There are Answers. As a SPEAKER, I have presented to attorneys at the FL Bar and at ABA Young Lawyers events in addition to working with business owners and collaborating with financial planners, banks and law offices. 

Step Out Strategies Programs

Our team  provides assessment, planning, small group masterminds and group programs to small business service professionals, small business retail owners, new entrepreneurs, and motivated individuals with a desire to advance their vision. We provide local resources, assessments, blueprint books, partnerships, and accountability resources to guide individuals and businesses to Step Out.

Upcoming Event

The Profitable Lawyer event is May 28th.  Contact us for more details. 

The Real Deal.

As a business owner and law office partner, who has collaborated with a profit professional and a sales guru, you get practical, no nonsense advice that fits your particular situation. 

If you have decided it is time to plan for a profitable personal and business life, choose the Step Out Strategies team.

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Are you too busy but need some entrepreneurial direction. Join one of our webinar sessions. Sign up here for upcoming webinars dates.

Structure, Sales, Strategy for Profit and Succession Planning SPEAKERS

Need a Speaker? We are available to present our signature programs of Impactful Income for Moms, Millennials and Business,  Profit Strategy Session, The GRIT Factor, Protect Your Family and Your Business.  


How do I know you are the right fit?  We have a complimentary assessment process that guides both you and us to make this determination 

What if I just want to solve one issue in my business? We are problem solvers. We offer one on one consulting to solve that NEXT THING to move you forward in your business.

Our Profit and Relationship Sales Partners

PROFIT Assessment Consultation
Relationship Sales Consultant. Proven strategies from a formidable sales guru.